Reflexology – What is it and how does it work?

Reflexology is an holistic therapy based on the theory that each of the 7000+ nerve endings on the feet relates to a part of the body. 

The left foot relates to the left hand side of the body and the right foot relates to the right hand side therefore, by treating both feet, we are treating the body as a whole. The idea is to bring balance to the body, and allow it to heal itself, rather than to treat it directly.

After a thorough consultation, the therapist will warm the foot and begin by apply gentle pressure to each reflex point, starting at the toes. Any areas of stress or concern may show as redness, warmth, congestion or tightness in the foot. It may also feel tender to the touch. By applying a little more pressure in these areas and by stimulating the central nervous system, we can help to unblock energy channels so that the body can effectively heal itself.

Many of our concerns are caused by a build up of toxins over the years, especially in our modern lifestyles. Diet, pollution, smoking, and alcohol all contribute to this build up. The body is only able to break down a certain amount of these toxins; the rest is stored as waste within our lymphatic system, causing blockages. Reflexology is extremely effective at helping to ease these blockages, to increase circulation and eliminate these toxins. This may cause an increase in bowel movement, breakouts or even cold/flu symptoms but this is normal, and referred to as a ‘healing process’

Depending on what the body needs to restore balance, each person will experience different healing processes. Most will experience a deep relaxation, and a release of built up stress. For some it could cause a release of emotions or a feeling of lightness. It is normal to feel extremely tired after your treatment as the body heals itself more efficiently whilst resting.

Although this is great as a one off treatment for general well being and relaxation, for specific concerns it is usually beneficial to have regular treatments.

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