Entries by Leah Durrant

Spray tan prep and maintenance

Making your tan last starts before you enter the salon. Follow these simple steps to make your tan last as long as possible. Preparing for your spray tan Exfoliate your skin 24hrs prior to your tan to get rid of any dead or dry skin. This will ensure an even tan that will last longer. St. […]

Are you dry or dehydrated?

I have been working with the skin for more than 10 years and I see a lot of clients who come in and tell me their skin is dry, but when I look at their skin it’s actually just dehydrated. So what’s the difference? Although some of the symptoms can be similar, they are different […]

How to get a golden glow all year round.

Summer’s coming…. With Spring just about showing, we are all starting to think about how we can show our legs without blinding the people around us with our pasty white skin. Maybe you’ve got an event coming up, or you’re going on holiday and want to get a head start on your tan? We all […]


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